Jack Bowling, author of The Infernal World

Runshaw student Jack Bowling is about to have his first book published, and what a journey he has had to get to this point.

Yugoth used to be a rich and thriving planet, smothered in wealth and prosperity. However, that all changed 22 years ago when all of the riches turned into poverty, and all of the life was sucked into the abyss. If anyone tried to stand up against the dictator, his privy council were sent to deal with them. Only one person knew the weaknesses of the devilish tyrant. Only one person knew the good that laid in the black void of the warmonger… Viceroy Boleyn. The way the omniverse operated was about to be changed. The Chronicles of a God begin with the Infernal World.

To some, this would be the blurb to a well-established and well-known author. But to the untrained eye, matching the author of the book to a college student is something that some may indeed think has come out of a fiction book.

Jack Bowling, one of our students currently on the UAL Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, is about to release his first book, ‘The Infernal World’. Jack has always had a love and inspiration for drawing and writing. The book has been seven years in the making – Jack’s first idea came to him when he was in Year 7 at school, and since then, has continued to create content for his story. When lockdown hit, Jack had even more time to knuckle down and spent a lot of the time drawing storyboards as if viewing from a comic book perspective, eventually putting the finishing touches on his novel into place, ready for publication this year – self publishing all by himself direct to Amazon Kindle Publishing.

On top of this, he has also managed to find time to work towards completion of his course! His next step after Runshaw is to study Illustrating at UCLan. Jack is very keen to pursue a career in Book Illustration.

You can see the initial Kindle listing here before the official launch.

This is an incredible achievement for such a young and ambitious person, and we wish Jack continued success – we will look forward to your second publication which we are sure will happen very soon.

Jack Bowling Presentation
Jack recently gave a presentation to students about his journey from inception to creation.


CR-3486 Visual Arts Jack Bowling_2
Jack prepares to speak to Course Leader Alex Lowman ahead of his interview with Runshaw’s Marketing Team.