Hello intrigued reader, we welcome you to the college student magazine: The Insider. 

With the plethora of minds within the college, The Insider covers it all from the hot button issues to culture and creativity. Driven by the voices of students and youth, particularly through the fortnightly feature, which involves asking a different question to the forum and having open ears to any suggestions readers may have, our students behind the magazine encourage you to submit your writing for publication.

Their mission is to bring the Runshaw College students and community thought-provoking commentary on social and political issues.

Being a student publication, the aim is to be as transparent as possible, for this reason, the student team behind the magazine happily greet any critiques or comments you may be inclined to as a reader.

Recent articles include ‘Terror in Children’s Media’ and ‘The Monstrous Feminine’. Click below to read more. The team meets every Thursday at 12.30pm in G111 if there are any other students who are interested in joining.

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