Hello intrigued reader, I welcome you to a new online version of our longstanding college magazine: The Student Insider.

With the plethora of minds within the college, The Student Insider covers it all from the hot button issues to culture and creativity. Whatever it may be, we find ourselves constantly striving to uncover what the world has to offer through our published issues twice a month and with a far more personal approach than the mainstream mag brands. Driven by the voices of students and youth, particularly through the fortnightly feature, which involves asking a different question to the forum and having open ears to any suggestions readers may have, I implore letters to the Editor and encourage you to submit your writing for publication.

Our mission is to bring the Runshaw College students and community thought-provoking and ruminative commentary on social and political issues. We remain impartial and do not pursue any particular political ideology, as we abide by standards relating to the posting of opinion-based articles to ensure we provide informative and more critical views as objective as possible, motivated to produce a platform for Runshaw College students and others allowing them to share their worldly insights and creative works. The reason we exist: Freedom of speech, although that does not mean the freedom to a platform for hate speech.

Although composed by the students, The Student Insider is open to all. For people of any age across the UK, we intend to produce the magazine to be coherent and aesthetic with the perspective of a bi-weekly magazine but combined with the timeliness, navigability, and interactivity of an online one.

Being a student publication, we aim to be as transparent as possible, for this reason, we happily greet any critiques or comments you may be inclined to as a reader. Over the coming weeks, you’ll see some little new additions to our expanded news pages and other parts of the magazine. In fact, we’re all bursting with new ideas for the magazine, but you’ll find out about those in later issues. All in good time. Do let us know what you think about them!

The team and I hope you enjoy and engage with The Student Insider. 

Abdul, Editor-in-Chief

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