On Friday the 1st March over 40 of our English, MFL and Classics students visited UCLan for a Journalism Day.

They did a TV session where they got to be hands-on in a real TV studio. Some of our students acted as TV presenters and got to experience the excitement of being the face of a news programme. They were guided by our student team behind the scenes who controlled the sound, graphics and directed our presenters. They successfully created a news broadcast on their very first attempt.

They also experienced being in a radio studio using professional software to broadcast their own radio show.

Finally, they took part in a TikTok Storytelling session learning about how to tell stories creatively for younger audiences and the ‘science’ of TikTok.

They learned a lot about the various Journalism courses on offer at UCLAN and what really stood out to them was the incredible support that students are given in securing work placements and employment in this area due to the impressive links that the university has in this industry.

It gave our students a real vision for where their A Levels in English, MFL and Classics could take them in the future and highlighted all of the diverse routes that they could take if they pursued a career relating to journalism.

We look forward to visiting again with future cohorts.