After the highly successful exhibition last year, once again students from the School of Visual Arts have exhibited their work at Astley Hall.

Art and design work selected for this exhibition included Graphic design, Photography, Textiles, 3D Design and Fine art, from the Level 2 & 3 UAL Vocational and A level courses. This is an amazing opportunity for students to exhibit their work in a professional gallery environment which is open to the public, to celebrate and showcase the highly creative work our students produce.

Tutor Nikki Taylor, Head of School for Visual Arts, commented, “I’m very proud of the work our students produce, in such a broad range of media, techniques and processes. The work is mature in concept, with students exploring and creating art work in response to many social/political issues to visually communicate a message to the audience”.

Quality Director Tanya Meredith also attended, adding, “The exhibition was excellent, a really eclectic array of thought-provoking pieces commenting on social, political and environmental issues of the day. The gallery was a great place to showcase this work to the local community; it was also busy, with lots of visitors of all ages enjoying and admiring the students’ work”.

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Visual Arts Story