Starting at Runshaw College – everything you need to know.

NEW STUDENTS: Your timetable for day 1 will be available to access on the Student Portal by the evening of Tuesday 3rd September 2024, ready for your first day as a Runshaw student on Wednesday 4th September. Please contact us on 01772 622677 for any issues not covered below. FAQs below apply to new students only. Second year students start college on Monday 9th September. We look forward to welcoming you to Runshaw!

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  • When and how do I receive my timetable?

    Your day 1 timetable will go onto your student portal, prior to you starting at Runshaw. Please do not worry if you can’t access your timetable straight away – we are working to have all year 1 timetables visible on your student portal by 9pm on Tuesday 3rd September. If you have issues accessing this, please speak to a member of staff who will be available as you arrive at college or visit Student Services reception (situated at the front of college in Mardale). Timetables are kept on your student portal and this can be accessed using a laptop or your phone.

  • I will be getting the bus to college; how will I know which bus to get on and which bus stop for my first day?

    The full college bus timetable and route maps can be found on our college website below. Please be at your bus stop 5-10 minutes before the scheduled time and clearly put your arm out to hail the bus. When boarding the bus, please clearly show the driver your temporary ID, issued to you from Enrolment.

    Bus Timetable and Routes

  • If I get a lift to college, where can I be dropped off?

    Enter Car Park B (avoiding the buses). Do not drive onto the concourse at the front of College during peak times (8am-9.30am and 2.30pm to 4pm) as the College buses will be dropping off and collecting at those times.

    Please do not get dropped off on the main road at the front of College, as this could be dangerous to other car users, pedestrians and to yourself.

  • Where do I go when I first arrive on campus?

    Your unique day 1 timetable will be communicated by 9pm on Tuesday 3rd September. This should have the information regarding your first lesson of the day, starting at 9am. Please speak to a member of staff who will be available on the concourse and around the entrance to college, alternatively visit the Student Services Reception (situated at the front of College in Mardale).

  • What will happen on my first day?

    You will attend a welcome session at 9am, followed by lessons throughout the day. There will be activities to ensure you settle in and you will meet your teachers and fellow students. There will be a session at the end of the day which will provide an opportunity for you to ask any questions.

  • Where can I have lunch and purchase refreshments?

    Mardale Restaurant, Dalehead Restaurant, Picasso’s, Octagon Cafe, the Chicken Mez and Mardale shop can be found on campus. Click here to view all menus, prices and locations.

  • When will I meet my Progress Mentor?

    You will meet your Progress Mentor (PM) during your first Progress Mentor session, as shown on your timetable.

  • What shall I bring with me on my first day?

    You will need your temporary membership card, any stationary specific to your course and your phone (for checking your timetable).

  • Where can I go during a study period, what can I do?

    You can use your time to visit the Study Zones, Student Hubs and Library.

    Take part in a range of exciting enrichment activities.

    You could also visit one of the many refreshment outlets available.

    Use the time to explore the campus and to familiarise yourself with your new college.

  • What do I do if I feel I have made the wrong course choice?

    Please contact your Progress Mentor when you are here. They will then support and guide you through your options at College. If you feel you need further guidance and support, we can arrange an IAG meeting (Information Advice and Guidance) with one of our expert staff to look at all opportunities available.

  • Is there a dress code, what can I wear on my first day?

    You can choose what to wear. However please be mindful that clothing must be appropriate, with no offensive language or images.

  • How will I know which bus to get on when I have finished for the day?

    Make your way to the concourse at the front of the College (where you were dropped off in the morning) and look at the boards. The boards will identify when each bus arrives, giving its position on the concourse. These are A,B or C (row letter) and a number. The number is how many from the front of the row your bus is situated. B7 Is the middle row, 7 from the front. Members of Runshaw College staff will be available to help and assist you.

  • Where do I go if I get lost?

    You will find maps and signage situated around the campus.

    There will be student ambassadors around the campus (they usually wear green t-shirts). These student ambassadors are there to support you and will be able to help you find where you need to be.

    Visit the Progress Hub or Student Services in Mardale, the welcoming staff will be available to help you.

    Ask any member of staff – staff can be identified easily, as they will be wearing a blue lanyard.

  • Am I allowed to leave the college campus during breaks, or do I need permission?

    Yes, you are free to leave campus on breaks and over lunch periods. However, you may choose to stay on-site to join in with enrichment activities, to visit the Study Zones and Student Hubs, or to get something to eat and drink in one of the eating areas.

    If leaving campus, please make sure you arrive back within good time for your next class.

    Please be respectful and mindful of our local community when off-site, this includes neighbouring houses, shops and other areas such as Worden Park.

  • What time will I finish on my first day?

    Your final session will finish at 15.40pm.