Earlier this month, around 60 delegates from over 20 businesses and other organisations attended the Runshaw Leadership & Management pilot event at Leyland Golf Club.

The all-day event, organised by the Employer Relations Team with the support of other adult and apprenticeship staff, was designed to promote our Level 3 and Level 5 Leadership & Management courses and apprenticeships by giving delegates a taste of how Leadership & Management training can enhance a company or career.

The day was led by training provider One Degree Difference’s charismatic founder, Andy Woodall, who inspired, informed and entertained a captive audience in equal measure! Andy drew on his wealth of experience and success in training, coaching and mentoring to illustrate a wide range of theories and ideas in the Leadership & Management field, applying them to key topics chosen by delegates in advance of the day. Delegates – made up of both managers and other employees – enjoyed grappling with how concepts as varied as ‘dancefloor vs balcony’, ‘touch tight management’, ‘behaviour grooves’, ‘cognitive bias’ and ‘the ILED coaching model’ might help them deal with change, conflict, communication and other issues in their own workplaces, whilst also taking the opportunity to share experiences and solutions.

The day ended with our Head of Employer Relationships, Jane Vout, Head of Adult Education, Mark Heaton, and Leadership & Management teacher, Jackie Alty, reminding delegates of the College’s expanding professional training offer, including plans for further bespoke and online training in the near future. Feedback on the day was overwhelmingly positive, with delegates not only appreciating the high-quality training, but also being impressed by the meticulous organisation and warm welcome and supportive participation of all the Runshaw staff involved. Many have expressed an interest in pursuing further Leadership & Management training with Runshaw as a result of their positive experience of the pilot.

Many thanks to Jane and her team for all the hard work that went into turning this great idea into an even greater event, and to Holly Anderton for organising the venue and catering. Click below to view our L&M Programme.

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