• I’d like to help my children with their homework.
  • I panic if someone asks me to work out percentages at work.
  • I worry if someone asks me to spell or write something.
  • I’d like to move on at work.
  • I just need an English or maths qualification to apply for that job!

If this sounds like you we can help! 

Whether you’d like to improve your job and pay prospects, brush up your reading, writing or maths or simply increase your everyday confidence, Runshaw College can help find the right English or maths course for you!

Before you join a class we’ll make sure it’s exactly the right level for you through a short Skills Check. You’ll have the chance to talk to our friendly staff about the options available, try a few simple tasks and discuss your aims.

Email Justask@runshaw.ac.uk or call us on 01772 642040 to apply or book your Skills Check now!