We are very proud of our diverse and inclusive community at the college and provide students and staff with several resources and facilities to provide opportunity to practise their beliefs and further explore and understand that of other faiths, to promote tolerance and respect.

Contemplation Space

We currently have 2 contemplation spaces available to all members the college community.

Contemplation Space 1 : This is situated in Langdale and available throughout the college day. Ablution facilities can also be found adjacent to this area.

Contemplation Space 2 : On Friday lunchtimes, additional contemplation space is available to all in our Enrichment Hall.

We are very excited to announce that we will be opening a new contemplation space, complete with ablution facilities, in Spring 2023, as part of our sustainable campus regeneration projects.

Multifaith SocietyContemplation and Faith Facilities

Our college Multifaith Society is open to all learners and takes place every Friday lunchtime. The group participate in group discussions, radio programmes and lead on faith based national awareness events, to promote tolerance and inclusivity within our college community. The group work closely with local religious leaders, to further educate our community on religion and faith. If you would like any more information on this, please visit our Enrichment Team, or email them here.