Here at Runshaw, our students come from multiple faith backgrounds or perhaps none at all. The college offers a warm welcome to all regardless of religion, ethnicity, sexuality, age or ability.

Should you be looking to worship, learn more or find a different pace in your life at Runshaw there are services available to both students and staff:

  • Contemplation & Faith Room – There are designated rooms available for quiet contemplation, prayer, reflection, meditation and spiritual refreshment for staff and students of all faiths and none.
  • Chaplaincy – The college works in partnership with local faith organisations and can signpost and offer support as appropriate. Whether you have concerns regarding your faith or you simply would like scope for reflection and growth, there is no religious pressure, and all are welcome. Confidential meetings are also available, to help with any worries you may feel or stress that you are under.
  • Faith Festivals and Services – Students can celebrate festivals of their faith and these events are student-lead.