5th – 11th February 2024

National Apprenticeship Week 2024 is the 17th annual week-long celebration of apprenticeships. The week brings together businesses and apprentices from across the country to shine a light on the positive impact that apprenticeships make to individuals, businesses and the wider economy.

The theme for National Apprenticeship Week 2024 is “Skills for Life”. We encourage everyone to consider how apprenticeships can help individuals to develop the skills and knowledge required for a rewarding career, and employers to develop a workforce with future ready skills.

Runshaw College is proud to support the event and will be promoting National Apprenticeship Week on social media, showcasing some of our current apprentices, introducing you to the teams that work behind the scenes to support our Apprenticeship provision, promoting our apprenticeship courses and current vacancies. We’ll also be looking at career progression roles and sharing success stories from some of our outstanding former apprentices! Our employers will also be getting involved and sharing their experiences of recruiting Apprentices too.

Here at Runshaw College we have a dedicated team who works with employers and apprentices alike. We have a matching service available to all our partner employers to match potential apprentices to the best job vacancy for them which will kickstart their career. The team is made up of colleagues with a wealth of experience in all aspects of apprenticeships including having an apprentice in the team.

We offer a 360 service for our partner employers to work from job advertisement, to their apprentice completing their course and everything in between. Our recruitment team supports applicants with preparing their applications, interviews and career plans, ensuring that each individual is supported to meet their personal goals.

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Apprenticeship Awards 2024

During NAW2024, we hosted our Apprenticeship Awards Evening to celebrate the successes of our amazing apprentices.

The event took place on Thursday 8th February at the British Commercial Vehicle Museum. For the three two years they have provided the perfect venue for a truly memorable evening. On behalf of everyone at Runshaw, we wish all our apprentices continued success for the future.

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NAW 2024 Awards Graphic

  • NSG Environmental Ltd

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    What benefits have you and your team found to employing an apprentice & how do they help build your business?

    Having enthusiastic dedicated employees within the business is a breath of fresh air and everyone in the offices loves having their energy on board. They ask insightful questions and help challenge our thinking on best practices and ways to support all employees’ development. All of our apprentices have gone on to further careers within the business which has proved an excellent support to their allocated teams and the wider business.

    What experience, skills and insights do your apprentices gain to help them build a rewarding career during their employment with you?

    All of our apprentices are exposed to a range of work and activities working in their allocated teams and across departments. As a nuclear sector company our apprentices gain insight into an industry which is not widely understood as well as more general knowledge of working in engineering and a medium sized enterprise.

    What would you say to anyone considering employing an apprentice for their business?

    I would tell them to go for it! Especially for levy payers it is a win-win as you will utilise your levy fee, gain a new keen employee and it is a low-cost and easy way to recruit. For non-levy payers it is still worthwhile to the longevity and growth of your company. Especially in a time of such a high number of jobs in the market with a skills shortage it is a fantastic way to train up your employees whether they be a new apprentice or an existing employee developing their skills.

    Is there any further information you would like to add?

    We currently have 10 apprentices working across the business with 2 other vacancies we are looking to fill, we have passionate and knowledgeable mentors and a thriving apprenticeship network which is always developing. Apprenticeships are a brilliant opportunity to start a career or develop within one, if you are thinking of applying – just do it!

  • Service Care Solutions

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    What benefits have you and your team found to employing an apprentice & how do they help build your business?

    We’re really proud of how well our apprentices have settled in and it has helped bring a variety of talent and new ideas to the business, which in turn helps with business productivity. It has also helped diversify our workplace and create opportunities, which links with our company’s WHY statement which is ‘to provide a legacy that values all people and creates opportunity for generations to come’.

    What experience, skills and insights do your apprentices gain to help them build a rewarding career during their employment with you?

    Our apprentices gain a whole range of skills: Communication, Organisation, Autonomy, Teamwork, Problem-solving and Adaptability. They have a chance to work throughout the different divisions within the business so that they can experience and learn about the differences across the organisation. Our training is unique and tailored for each individual, meaning that we can provide the right support and platform for apprentices to develop and gain the knowledge, skills and behaviours suitable to them and their development.

    What would you say to anyone considering employing an apprentice for their business?

    We would highly recommend any employers to consider employing an apprentice; not only does it create opportunity for workplace productivity and innovation, but it also allows you as a company to make a real difference in being able to develop, train and provide on-the-job experience for an apprentice to help advance their career and experience. It is key to make them feel welcome and part of the team, set clear goals and objectives from the start and to provide thorough training and guidance throughout the apprenticeship to help make it rewarding for them and you.

  • BusinessGiftUk.com

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    What benefits have you and your team found to employing an apprentice & how do they help build your business?

    Past apprentices at BusinessGiftUK.com have brought valuable energy, enthusiasm and fresh ideas into our business. The apprenticeship process is a great way for both employer and employee to find out if they are a good fit for a long-term career.

    An apprenticeship is a very useful recruitment tool and then becomes a skills transfer process for the replacement of staff moving up a level or approaching retirement.

    What experience, skills and insights do your apprentices gain to help them build a rewarding career during their employment with you?

    At BusinessGiftUK.com we always try and give an apprentice as broad an introduction to the working of the company as possible. They can find out where their core skills lie, and we can best fit them into the overall team. In a small organisation it is important we can all cover one anothers’ roles, to keep business moving.

    What would you say to anyone considering employing an apprentice for their business?

    I would recommend recruitment through apprenticeship to almost any business. It is the chance to get professional outside help in moulding skilled individuals to fit into your team. The financial incentives and apprenticeship wage levels are also really helpful to small organisations and to self-employed people taking on some help for the first time.

    Is there any further information you would like to add?

    Employing someone is not easy and it is also a significant responsibility. The apprenticeship route is probably the easiest way to start in the complex world of employment and associated regulations and administration.

  • Provenance Food Hall

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    What benefits have you and your team found to employing an apprentice & how do they help build your business?

    As with any recruitment, the hardest thing is to find members of staff that fit the existing culture of the business.

    Recruiting an apprentice enables us to train people to our standard in the style we like, sometimes taking people who have worked in the industry or have previous work experience in the industry may have developed ‘bad habits’.

    What experience, skills and insights do your apprentices gain to help them build a rewarding career during their employment with you?

    We are lucky to have one of the best young talents in the North of England. Lewis Gallagher has won many awards regionally and nationally and has also featured regularly in Food Festivals across the region. He has been mentored and has worked with the best and most highly regarded chefs in the business.

    This allows him to pass on this learning to all the staff within Provenance so that the high levels of excellence are maintained in every department, not just the kitchen. The apprentices see this high expectation level from day one and they also see the work ethic of the other staff members, something that people sometimes haven’t had exposure to before.

    What would you say to anyone considering employing an apprentice for their business?

    If you can afford to invest the time and effort, and you find an apprentice with a desire to learn, that could be a real asset to your business for the long term.

    It is also rewarding for you the employer / business owner / manager as you see the apprentice build their confidence in a working environment and integrating into your business culture.

    Apprenticeships are not an easy qualification as you are juggling the qualification plus the job requirements, however the investment pays dividends as you carve out a new career.


Where are they now? Click the sections below to hear from some of our former apprentices:

  • Adam Porter

    Adam Porter Photo

    Former Level 3 Customer Service Specialist Apprentice

    Tell us a bit about the route to your current job

    My current job is with Runshaw. I began and successfully completed my apprenticeship here while working within the Maths & English teams as a GCSE Attendance Clerk. After successfully completing my apprenticeship I was taken on full time.

    What part of your Apprenticeship did you enjoy most?

    I enjoyed reflecting on the work I had recently completed that was set by my trainer. Reviewing what I had completed and seeing or figuring out how I could use it within my job role was really rewarding. It helped me to see the progress I was making throughout my apprenticeship.

    How did your Trainer support you?

    My trainer was very supportive throughout my apprenticeship. With regular meetings to discuss the most recent work set and understanding I may need a quick reminder of bits and pieces when I came to complete elements of the work a week or two later!  I was able to bounce ideas off my trainer for both my apprenticeship and job role and they quickly understood how I engaged and learned with the work and tailored their teaching to suit my needs. My trainer showed genuine interest in my progression and they were easy to approach with any concerns I had and made me feel like I had someone in my corner.

    Best Thing About Being an Apprentice?

    The ability to work and learn at the same time while developing your career prospects. Having the opportunity to walk straight in to a job after successfully completing an apprenticeship with the advantage of working within the field for over year.

    Advice to anyone considering an apprenticeship?

    Having the opportunity to work full time while continuing to learn is a great way to develop your employability skills. There’s also the opportunity to resit your GCSE English & Maths if you need to as well. It is worth researching different job roles and apprenticeships to make sure you find the right fit for you, which Runshaw can help with. But do be prepared to manage both learning on the job and learning via a more traditional route.

  • Ben Cooper

    Ben Cooper Photo

    Former Level 2 & Level 3 Business Administrator Apprentice

    What Made you Decide to Come to Runshaw?

    I had been at Runshaw sixth form and didn’t want to go to uni. One of the tutors suggested an apprenticeship and showed me vacancies with local employers in the admin field of work.

    Why did you choose this Apprenticeship?

    I had done business at college, so a business admin apprenticeship seemed like an ideal apprenticeship to do.

    What do you Like about your Apprenticeship?

    I didn’t want to have the large debt that you get from uni, so earning whilst learning seemed a great
    option. It is great to be able to put into practice in the workplace what you have learned on your apprenticeship. The company I work for has also agreed to pay for another course for me which is great for my career progression.

    How has your Trainer Helped Support you?

    The support from the trainers was a real help. They were always quick to reply if I had any queries.

    What advice would you give to someone looking to do an Apprenticeship? 

    Keep your options open and think about an apprenticeship. There is a lot to be said for getting a wage, your training paid for and experience on the job.

  • Alex Magowan

    Alex Magowan Photo

    Former Level 3 Business Administrator Apprentice

    What Made you Decide to Come to Runshaw?

    After being at Runshaw sixth form, I did a degree and then worked part-time. I wanted to get into education and saw an apprenticeship job offered at Runshaw.

    Why did you choose this Apprenticeship?

    I wanted to find a position in admin with the opportunity to build my skills and progress. My initial admin role at Runshaw alongside my apprenticeship was the ideal job for me. I am now a senior student tracking administrator.

    What do you Like about your Apprenticeship?

    It was great having the opportunity to try my hand at different admin-related tasks within the Quality, Management Information & Student Tracking department and work within different areas. At the end of the apprenticeship, I got a permanent contract with Runshaw College, with opportunities for promotion which was great.

    How has your Trainer Helped Support you?

    There have been plenty of 1:1 sessions. An apprenticeship gives you the opportunity for more 1:1 contact than in other educational settings. The trainers were always available to speak with and went above and beyond. They supported me even after my EPA.

    What are your Future Career Aims?

    I would like to progress into a management role in the future and get more experience in data and reporting.

    What advice would you give to someone looking to do an Apprenticeship? 

    Do what makes you happy. An apprenticeship may seem like a pay cut/low wage, but you get experience as well as training and that is invaluable. You don’t often get that with a uni course and you have the debt too!

  • Georgia Wilde

    Georgia Wilde Photo

    Former Level 3 Business Administrator Apprentice

    My Route to my Current Job

    I did A levels at Cardinal Newman. I knew I didn’t want to go to uni. The careers advisor at college told me about apprenticeships and the benefit of apprenticeship having a job and getting a qualification for free!

    My job at Cardinal Newman has given me experience in many different roles and departments across the college.

    I was offered a permanent job at Cardinal Newman at the end of my apprenticeship.

    What Part of your Apprenticeship did you enjoy most?

    Getting lots of experience and variety in my job was very advantageous and gave me huge employability skills, including working with accounts and the marketing department.

    How did your Trainer Support you?

    Very well. They gave great insight, useful recommendations, and consistent support, and you always get a quick response. They ensured I reached my potential.

    Best Thing About Being an Apprentice?

    The huge amount of experience I gained from working in different areas of the college. Gaining employability skills gave me so much confidence and the opportunity to adapt my skills

    What advice would you give to someone looking to do an Apprenticeship? 

    Go for it! It is a fantastic opportunity. You will need to dedicate yourself as it is time-consuming, and you need to be motivated. Get confident enough to look for the opportunities and develop your potential!

    What is Next for You?

    I want to develop my role into a finance-related area having had some finance training. My long-term goal is to work in business and maybe abroad.

  • Dale Atherton

    Former Level 4 Accounting Apprentice 

    My Route to my Current Job

    I did a BTEC in college and worked for 3 years in a job, but there was no progression, so I decided to find a route that would give me progression and the opportunity to learn as well.

    I started working at the Council in a customer service position whilst doing my Business Admin. Apprenticeship. I then moved into an accounts position and started my AAT apprenticeship, starting at L2 and progressing to L4. In the last 6 months I have started a new role as an Exchequer Support Officer and have more responsibility.

    What Part of your Apprenticeship did you enjoy most?

    Having support from my workplace and the Runshaw trainer has provided an excellent platform making working and studying at the same time streamlined and productive.

    How did your Trainer Support you?

    My trainer has given me excellent support and is always available to help me, even in the evenings or before an exam!

    Best Thing About Being an Apprentice?

    I wouldn’t have reached this level in my workplace without an apprenticeship. The apprenticeship route has been perfect for me, and I couldn’t have done it without the support.

    What advice would you give to someone looking to do an Apprenticeship? 

    An apprenticeship is a good mix of working and learning at the same time. I think that it is better than university as you can put into practice your skills as soon as you have learnt them.

    What is Next for You?

    I am hoping to progress in my role and learn more about accounts and payments.

  • Thomas Astley

    Thomas Astley Photo

    Former Business Admin Level 2 Apprentice

    An apprenticeship is a great opportunity to learn foundation skills for my career. It was an opportunity to find out what I wanted to do and make steps toward my future, one being a business degree.

    The apprenticeship was the starting block for my career path, now working for the NHS. During the apprenticeship, I received lots of support from the team at Runshaw. I didn’t feel abandoned as an apprentice and it was a great tool to progress my career.

    Best Thing About Being an Apprentice?

    Knowing that I would get the skills and progression leading to a permanent role. After earning a low wage for the first part of my apprenticeship, my wage increased, and I was earning good money for a 19-year-old, full-time hours with a steady income. It is important to remember that once you progress into a full-time job, your wage will improve.

    An apprenticeship was a great starting block for my career, it gave me the skills I needed to progress.

    Advice to a New Apprentice?

    Get the most out of your apprenticeship. The skills you learn in combination with the experience on the job and your qualification will move you forward in your chosen career. An apprenticeship shows employers demonstrable knowledge, skills and experience in your chosen field.

    My Route to my Current Job

    I started off in a local engineering firm doing basic admin tasks and then moved to a supported living care company where I expanded my experience into recruitment and HR admin. I worked for this company for a few years also gaining experience in rotas and payroll. Toward the end of my degree, I started in the NHS Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit as an admin assistant within the corporate finance team, I worked on an audit in a niche area and also supported the contracting team. I was involved with reworking performance reports for the board which then received positive feedback from NHS England. I also supported with early work on automation, finding ways to auto-generate some reports, documents and information. I have worked in the health service for just over 3 years now, and it is a brilliant organisation to work for.

    I decided that in the long term, I wanted to work in operational management, so I pursued a role in a hospital as a personal assistant to surgical division management, this role exposed me to some of the inner functioning of acute services and helped me to identify the skills and experiences I needed to further my career progression.

    Leading to my current role as an Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) MDT co-ordinator, based at Royal Preston Hospital where I provide admin support to the clinical team, virtually following patients through pathways of care and reducing delays. I am supporting a team across 3 NHS Trusts in setting up and developing new regional services that will have a positive impact on the patients with ILD.

    I am undertaking a master’s degree in law, as I think this will be useful in future roles in operational management. Eventually I would like to be an Operations Director in the NHS, ambitious! But I am committed and nothing will stop me reaching my goal!

  • Harriet Waring

    Harriet Waring Photo

    Former Business Admin and Customer Service Apprentice

    Apprenticeships are so important as they provide real work experience and give options for career progression. It’s easy to follow the crowd and go to college, but it is not for everyone. Apprenticeships let you ‘see’ business in the real world.

    There is a stigma that apprenticeships are just for 16 years olds, but there are many apprentices in their twenties and older. Doing a qualification alongside a job taught me so many transferable skills. After achieving my Business Administration and Customer Service qualifications, I took my assessor’s qualification to become a Duke of Edinburgh Basic Expedition Leader. This also allowed me to assess participants and to mentor and support apprentices.

    I work at Ashton Community Science College, where I started my apprenticeship.  This gave me the work experience and organisational skills that helped me progress from an office junior to the school events organiser and then a business support officer. Sport England then recruited me as a School Games Organiser overlooking 91 schools.

    My apprenticeship changed me as a person. I enjoyed the independence of working and getting more confident. It opened up vast opportunities in employment for me, getting varied experience and people skills.


  • Amy Stringfellow

    Amy Stringfellow Photo

    Former Business Admin and Customer Service Apprentice

    I knew I didn’t want to continue in full-time education and was eager to get into the real world. I wanted to work in an office environment and earn money. I wasn’t sure what area I wanted to work in, so I found an apprenticeship through Runshaw College as an office assistant at a firm of solicitors. I quickly moved onto being a receptionist and then a case handler for Road Traffic Accidents. I completed my apprenticeship after 2 years.

    After six years at the solicitors, I moved to a bigger practice, where I started as a Litigation Executive. The company part-funded the remainder of my CILEx (The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives) exams as I was learning on the job. The great advantage of an apprenticeship is all the years’ experience you get whilst earning. Undergraduates will have had little or no experience on graduation and student debt for their training. I have been gaining experience, earning and getting my qualifications paid for! I have now been with this firm for over 7 years and have reached the position of FCILEx / Supervisor.

    The company increased my wage after getting my first qualification. This shows how you can progress quickly if you work hard.

    An apprenticeship is the best decision I have ever made. Deciding not to carry on in full-time education and starting work as an apprentice has set me up well and stood me in good stead. It has also given me a good work ethic from a young age.