There are six committees that are involved in the governance of the college. They are Audit, Finance, People & Organisational Development, Remuneration, Search & Governance and Standards & Curriculum.

Committee membership is strengthened by the co-option of individuals with specific knowledge and skills.

Click on the tabs below for more information about individual committees – terms of reference, minutes, annual report to the Corporation (Governing Body), membership and meetings schedule.

Note: certain minutes (and reports) are classified as ‘reserved business’ because of their confidential nature and are not available for public access.

The need to maintain confidentiality is reviewed annually by the Corporation.

  • Audit


    The Committee shall ensure that:

    • the internal control systems of the Corporation and any of its subsidiaries are adequate and monitored actively, independently and objectively in order to improve the effectiveness of internal controls and risk management arrangements
    • reinforce the independence and effectiveness of the internal, financial statements and (where appointed) funding audit functions
    • provide a sounding board for College management on issues of concern in connection with the college’s internal control systems
    • advise on the reliability of the College’s information systems
    • increase public confidence in the objectivity and fairness of the Corporation’s financial reports and in the quality of corporate governance
    • provide a medium of communication from the Corporation’s auditors which is not controlled by College management.


    The Committee meets once each term with its minutes and recommendations submitted to the following Corporation meeting.


    Michael Lowe (Chair), Martyn Lylyk (Co-opted Member), Alison Watson-Bird, Stephen Dunstan (Co-opted Member), Mark Kerfoot (Co-opted Member)

    Minutes of Meetings

    Audit June 2021   Audit March 2021   Audit November 2020   Audit June 2020

  • Finance

    Finance – Remit

    To ensure that as far as possible the Corporation remains financially viable, and that there is regular and sufficient monitoring of financial resources. In particular the Committee shall ensure that:

    • annual budgets for income and expenditure cash flow and capital expenditure are set before the beginning of each financial year
    • there is regular monitoring against these budgets
    • the Corporation adheres to the Financial Memorandum between itself and the Skills Funding Agency / Education Funding Agency
    • the Corporation’s financial assets are safeguarded
    • College accommodation, environment and other facilities, including information technology, are adequate, safe and well maintained, in accordance with approved facilities strategies.


    The Committee meets once each term, with its minutes and recommendations submitted to the following Corporation meeting.


    Simon Drew (Chair), Warren Middleton , Clare Russell, Gary Hall, Marc Balshaw (Co-opted Member), David Chamberlain (Co-opted Member).

    Minutes of Meetings

    Finance June 2021    Finance March 2021    Finance November 2020    Finance June 2020

  • People & Organisational Development

    People & Organisational Development Committee – Remit

    • To review and approve changes to contracts of employment and collective agreements that directly  affect the terms and conditions of staff;
    • monitor and advise the Corporation on the College’s equality and diversity practices including the    Equality and Diversity Annual Report, in line with statutory requirements
    • monitor and advise the Corporation on the College’s health and safety processes and performance, in line with statutory requirements; and to review and approve changes to the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy.
    • review and monitor chapters of the College Strategic Plan and cross-college SARs relating to the Committee’s remit;
    • monitor and advise the Corporation on key performance indicators such a staff satisfaction, staff absence, staff turnover etc.
    • review and advise the Corporation on annual pay awards for staff in the context of national and local negotiations and pay policies;


    Joshi Jariwala (Chair), Diane Bourne (Co-opted Member), Louise Myers (Co-opted Member), Clare Russell, Portia Bailey, Alex Magowan.

    P&O Development June 2021    P&O March 2021    P&O November 2020    P&O June 2020

  • Remuneration

    Remuneration Committee – Remit

    • To review and advise the Corporation on its policy on executive remuneration and on the specific remuneration packages of senior postholders so as to:
    • ensure that senior postholders are appropriately rewarded for their individual contributions to the college’s overall performance; and
    • demonstrate that the pay and conditions of senior postholders are set up by the Corporation on the advice of a Committee which has no personal interest in the outcome of its decision and which gives due regard to the interests of the public, the financial health of the college, and the achievement of the college’s objectives.


    Joshi Jariwala (Chair), Diane Bourne (Co-opted Member), Louise Myers (Co-opted Member), Warren Middleton, Portia Bailey.

    Remuneration Annual Report 2020/21

  • Search & Governance


    • to advise the Corporation on the appointment and reappointment of Governors and Co-opted Committee members, in accordance with the requirements of the Instrument and Articles of Government
    • to determine the recruitment process for the various categories of Governor and for Co-opted Committee members
    • to ensure that appointments are made appropriately, openly and on merit and are drawn widely from the community which the college serves, having regard to the need for continuity and freshness and for a range of skills and interests
    • to review and advise the Corporation on matters relating to the good governance of the college


    The Committee meets on at least two occasions annually with its minutes and recommendations submitted to the following Corporation meeting.


     Alison Watson Bird (Chair), Clare Russell, Martyn Lylyk (Co-opted Member), Ade Oladapo, Martina Jay.

    Minutes of Meetings

    Search & Governance October 2021    Search & Governance June 2021    Search & Governance February 2021    Search & Governance October 2020

  • Standards & Curriculum

    Standards & Curriculum – Remit

    To monitor, review and implement the college’s quality framework to ensure that the highest standards are achieved in relation to all aspects of college activities.


    The Committee meets termly with its minutes and recommendations submitted to the following Corporation meeting.


    Richard Evans (Chair), Robert Cobourne, Clare Russell, David Grime (Co-opted Member), Steven Haycocks (Co-opted Member), Graham Murphy, Dominic Martinez, Ali Kamel.

    Minutes of Meetings

    Standards & Curriculum October 2021    Standards & Curriculum June 2021    Standards & Curriculum May 2021  Standards & Curriculum February 2021