The College’s Board of Governors have a crucial role: They make the ‘big’ decisions. That is, they determine the range of education provided, set key goals and hold college management to account for delivering on these.

They have determined the College’s ‘Mission’ as follows:

“We believe education changes lives, so we put teaching and learning and the needs of our students first”.

Governors seek to ensure that the College provides a high-quality learning experience which enables students to succeed and which meets the needs of the community. They, therefore, provide a ‘bridge’ between the college and the community we serve.

Corporation Board  2023/24 (PDF)     Instrument and Articles of Government Runshaw College July 2020

High Level College Goals 2023/24:

The college’s high level strategy is to meet the needs of its community and to be a fantastic place to study and work.  For the year ahead, we have identified three key priorities for the college as a whole:

1.   Continuing our journey to “Excellence Everywhere” so that we can be sure that all of our learners are benefitting from  “outstanding” educational experiences;

2.   Further improving and extending external partnerships so that we can even better (identify and) meet the needs of our community;

3.   Further improving our estate & facilities so that all staff and students can enjoy the benefits of a high-quality (and high-tech) work/learning environment.

Professional advice and services to the Governing Body are provided by the Head of Governance / Clerk to the Corporation. The Head of Governance is independent of the College.

Meeting Schedules and Corporation Minutes

Meeting Schedule 2023/24

Corporation Minutes

Certain minutes, indicated as ‘reserved business’, are not open to public scrutiny due to the confidential nature of their content. Corporation policy is to keep such minutes to the necessary minimum.

Minutes of Corporation Board Meetings: Flat PDF logo

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  • Role & Responsibilities

    The Governing Body have a statutory responsibility for:

    • the determination and periodic review of the educational character and mission of the institution and the oversight of its activities;                                                                                          
    • publishing arrangements for obtaining the views of staff and students on the determination and periodic review of the educational character and mission of the institution and the oversight of its activities;
    • approving the quality strategy of the institution;
    • the effective and efficient use of resources, the solvency of the institution and the Corporation and safeguarding their assets;
    • approving annual estimates of income and expenditure;
    • the appointment, grading, suspension, dismissal and determination of the pay and conditions of service of the holders of senior posts and the Clerk, including, where the Clerk is, or is to be appointed as, a member of staff, the Clerk’s  appointment, grading, suspension, dismissal and determination of pay in the capacity of a member of staff; and
    • setting a framework for the pay and conditions of service of all other staff.

    In discharging these duties, Governors approve and monitor:

    • the College Mission and Strategic Plans
    • the annual budget and financial performance
    • success rate targets (recruitment, retention and achievement) and added value
    • the learning experience (the quality of education, student support and enrichment, resources and facilities)
    • student satisfaction
    • staff satisfaction and retention
    • stakeholders views

    Governors have a wide understanding of the community and its needs and are able to ‘bridge the gap’ effectively between the community’s requirements and the college’s mission and strategy.

    It will be seen from the foregoing that Governors act at a strategic level, advised by the Principal and senior management team. They do not play any part in managing the college. This is the Principal’s role. In effect, Governors determine their overall goals for the college, year on year, and hold the Principal and SMT accountable for delivering these. The means by which these goals are met is essentially a matter for management. Our Governors place great emphasis on this distinction (having adopted the principles of the ‘governance policy model’ developed by Prof. John Carver – ‘the Carver model’).

    Role of Governors

    • Governors have a fiduciary duty to the college, i.e. they must be loyal, honest, diligent and act in good faith. They are unpaid and voluntary.
    • They are not ‘representatives’ or ‘delegates’ of any outside body: their primary commitment is to the college and they must not be bound by mandates given by others.
    • Once a majority decision is taken, individual Governors are bound by collective responsibility, so they are all equally responsible for its actions and decisions.
    • All Governors conform to a Code of Conduct which details the required standards of behaviour.
    • An annual Skills Audit identifies any gaps between the skills needed and those that currently exist on the Governing Body.
    • Governors normally have a 4 year term (except for student members who serve for a maximum of two years).



    The Governors are committed to openness:

    • Confidential business is kept to a minimum, as a matter of policy.
    • Minutes of Meetings are made available to the public through the Corporation/Governance website.
    • Staff Update (the weekly staff magazine) communicates regularly about governance matters.
    • Governor vacancies are advertised where appropriate.
    • The public are entitled to attend meetings of the Governing Body.
    • The Governors’ Annual Report is made publicly available.

    The Head of Governance

    The Head of Governance / Clerk to the Corporation is:

    Denise Williamson
    Runshaw College
    Langdale Road
    PR25 3DQ

    Tel: 01772 418580
    Email: Denise Williamson

    The Head of Governance / Clerk provides professional governance advice and support to the Corporation and its six Committees and is the contact point for all enquiries. She is answerable directly to the Corporation and is independent of college management.