Investing in your education doesn’t have to cost the earth!

Many financial packages are available to help lower the cost of learning and depending on your circumstances, courses may be free or available at reduced prices. To receive financial support you must comply with nationality and residency conditions, age rules and previous study rules.

19+ Learner Support Funds (LSF)

Learner Support Funds are used to assist students who have difficulty in joining, staying on and completing their course because of financial hardship or who need help towards transport and/or registered childcare costs. All applications are assessed to find those students who are most in need of help. The amount of funding can vary and will depend upon your circumstances (household income).

Advanced Learner Loans Bursary Fund

This Bursary Fund is designed to help vulnerable students who have taken out an Advanced Learner Loan, such as those experiencing financial hardship, parents who may need help towards their childcare and transport and those with learning difficulties or disabilities. All applications are assessed to find those students who are most in need of help. Application is made through the PayMyStudent Portal – click the ‘Apply Here’ button below to start.

Childcare (if you are a young parent under 20)

Care to Learn can help you with childcare costs while you study. You could receive up to £160 per week for each child. For more information and to make an application please click here.

Need Advice?

If you would like more information on financial support, please email us here or call our team on 01772 622677. It is your responsibility to thoroughly investigate whether you are eligible for financial support before you enrol. To receive student finance you must comply with nationality and residency conditions, age rules and previous study rules.