Teamwork makes a real difference. With over 750 staff in a wide variety of different roles, it is imperative that everyone contributes to make Runshaw a truly great place to work and study.

You will find a friendly, supportive and team focused environment in which to start or build your career.

Members of staff answer the question ‘What is good about working at Runshaw?’ Here is some of the feedback:


The inclusive, friendly atmosphere and the Runshaw Respect policy.


Overall a very happy place to work.


Staff inspiring and helping each other … this is Runshaw’s greatest strength. The site is lovely. Good resources, great students on the whole who know how to work hard.


It is a good place to work, good conditions, holidays, opportunities to go on various training courses, well women etc.


The college has an air of professionalism and dynamism and there is an exceptionally positive culture about the place. I have worked in a number of FE Colleges through my career as a frontline teacher and manager and without doubt this is the best one.

There is a really positive culture at the college where people really work together to improve the student experience and outcomes because they really believe what they are doing will make a difference.


I do enjoy working here and find Runshaw an exciting place to be. The facilities are superb and the opportunity to socialise is great.


Great support for my physical needs. I was given a full ergonomics review, new work chair and foot support, permit for disabled parking, trolley e.t.c which has greatly helped my situation.


I feel my manager treats me with respect and takes my needs as an individual employee into consideration.


Great teachers, innovative teaching and learning, great sharing of ideas within teams, super, lovely people across many departments.